Highland Hobo

VW CamperVan Wedding Hire

As a huge Campervan fan is was my first and only choice as a wedding car. From looking online I came across Highland Hobo Campervans and was surprised to find there was such a service in Moray. I e-mailed Jeana and she was so friendly and went to great lengths to meet our requirements and work within our budget.

On our wedding day Dave who was driving was so friendly and relaxed that it also helped to calm my nerves. The whole experience with Highland Hobo Campervans was so enjoyable and they were very well organised; I felt with true confidence that they had everything we had arranged under control. I can only hope that I will get the chance to spend more time in my favourite type of vehicle but if I don’t then I am truly happy that my only experience is the one I had on our wedding day.

Thanks again to Highland Hobo Campervans!!

Sammy Sutton