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Meet The Vans

All of our vans are classic vws and have been fully renovated; they have all had a new interior with the modern living in mind, making them both functional and practicable built to a spec that takes into account outdoor living and family life.

Pip – She was born in 1972, Tallulah-Pip is her full title but Dave finds this far too embarrassing! Pip short for the Scottish Peregrine, meaning wanderer! She has been part of our family for five years but spent two of which in rehab getting all of her lumps and sighs of nearing 40 years in sorted out and has just had an oak interior fitted out by Dave and his brother Pete. Pip has sleeping set out for two adults and two children. The new design allows children to sleep in a separate bed at the rear and a hammock bed or storage space fits over the front seats! Pip is a steady girl who has learnt that a slow pace & regular coffee stops allows the unplanned to be seen and her engine to cool – she gives you the classic vw head turning experience!

Sid is just finishing getting his interior fitted, the new look to follow soon….Watch this space!
Can be booked from April 2012, in time to get to the ski hopefully or walk in the winter wonderland!

Sid – He was born in 1985, and up until recently was feeling very sorry for himself. Being a four wheel drive and us living in Scotland thought he would be a fantastic addition to the fleet. So Sid the Syncro he became, he has undergone major works sorting out his bodywork, now fitted out with the outdoors in mind. A tow bar, roof bars, full width bed and a roof tent so that groups can travel together and still have privacy – happy days! He has swivel front seats so has a nice social area and still manages to have good storage.

Soon to join the family is Hamish- currently getting ready for a respray – can be booked from April 2012 aswell hopefully

Hamish – He was born in 1986, we came across Hamish when Sid wasn’t on the road yet, and wanted to enjoy the summer with Kayaks, dogs & bikes (although still waiting for the summer part) his full name is Hamish McTonka, as he came with bull bars and the definite Grrr factor! Again kitted out with the outdoors in mind!