Highland Hobo

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Had a fantastic couple of days/nights in Lady Marmalade and enjoyed the freedom of just stopping and setting up for the night – no campsite booking – just wherever. Jeana and Dave saw to it that we were well-equipped for every eventuality – and Lady Marmalade was well-stocked with all the utensils etc necessary for us to enjoy our on-the-road experience.

It was great to have other motorists (some in VW vans, but some not) acknowledge us with a wave and flashing lights – such a novelty. Getting to grips with the driving was initially a challenge but soon became second nature as almost forty years rolled away and we were back enjoying the feel of real basic driving, no power steering or flashy electronics – just us and the road!

We enjoyed driving up into the Highlands via the west coast then across the north and back down the east coast – and Lady Marmalade did us proud, taking every steep hill in her stride. This was a break with a difference for us – a wonderful treat to get back to how it was in the 70s – the simple pleasures of life. Jeana and Dave could not have been more helpful – with support, encouragement and friendliness on tap.

Thank you Highland Hobos – we had a ball!

Jess and Bill 2014

Jess and Bill